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Screws $10,186,483.06
Hardware, Commercial $5,202,290.56
Packing and Gasket Materials $3,867,830.46
Bolts $2,373,024.77
Nuts and Washers $1,981,287.05
Nails, Machine Keys, and Pins $736,583.40
Rings Shims and Spacers $615,718.37
Hardware, Weapon System $554,917.02
Fastening Devices $505,295.65
Coil, Flat, Leaf, and Wire Springs $493,724.09
Rivets $437,724.00
O-Ring $346,496.62
Knobs and Pointers $107,951.20
Studs $76,511.46
Disks and Stones, Abrasive $1,614.00
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